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To comply with US Federal Law and California State Law, CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 and SB186 we have the following spam policy:

Edule has ZERO TOLERANCE for spam and distances itself from any act that is related to spamming. Edule does not participate in nor condone SPAM of any sort. Edule wishes to protect its customers from this problem and for this reason WE WILL REMAIN INTOLERANT OF SPAM and report every single one to the proper authorities.

Spam definition?
Spam is any form of unsolicited advertising through email, newsgroups, IRC posts, and/or instant messaging clients. Any SPAM complaint regarding a Edule operated site is a cause for immediate termination. This is a very serious matter. DO NOT send email to anyone who has not made a verifiable request for information.

What types of advertising are considered SPAM?
Any non verifiable non opt-in emailing. Bulk emailing (sending an email advertisement to persons listed on an email address lead list). Advertising with bulk email services (companies who will send an email advertisement to persons listed on an email address lead list for you) will be grounds for immediate account termination.

Newsgroup Posting:
Posting commercial messages is spam and any complaints from newsgroup moderators about an affiliate will be grounds for immediate account termination.

IRC / IM / ICQ Clients:
Unsolicited messages through any media, including chat rooms and instant messages is considered SPAM.

Any affiliate promoting sites operated by Edule B.V. who breaks any of the rules will have their account immediately terminated and all monies earned will be lost.

How to report SPAM?
Just mail us to details to the below and we'll take care of it.

Edule will be strictly enforcing its Spam Policy.!